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Warranty Policy

In Alonso Diesel we are committed to the quality of our service., So we offer the best warranty on the market. 
All jobs are guaranteed, unlimited.
1 -. Alonso Diesel guarantees all work performed, BECAUSE WE ARE NOT PARTS SUPPLIERS, our guarantee is limited to our service which is exclusively to repair their equipment. 
Occasionally, Alonso Diesel acquires parts or spare parts for our customers, with prior authorization from the customer and ONLY on your behalf and representation, however, this is an additional service that we received no profit, and therefore we are not responsible for guaranteed if  spare parts or parts need to be returned for warranty purposes. It is the responsibility of the customer to warranty claims to the original supplier of the acquired

 2 - All Warranty service will be held in the premises of Diesel Alonso, and the customer is responsible for the transfer of the unit. Alonso Diesel is not responsible for the cost of the crane or the cost caused by tow your vehicle. We do not have towing service.

3.-To enforce any warranty, the cost for the repair of your vehicle must be covered in full. We can not guarantee  ANY job is not paid to our satifation and delivered against our service invoice.

4.-In the event that the original repair has been performed offsite Alonso Diesel, our client has two options: 
     4a.-Move at your own risk to your vehicle; Alonso Diesel facilities and / or to place Alonso Diesel designe and/ or authorizes
     4b.-Pay the cost caused by the movement of our personnel and / or equipment to the place in which our client designates, cost to date of this warranty upgrade is $ 80.00 per hour labor

5.-Our Warranty is effective only for the repairs done before and to make it effective our client requires the presentation of the original invoice paid in full

6.-Alonso Diesel, agrees to cover the guarantee of their labor previously invoiced and paid in full, any additional repair, will be covered by our client.

7.-Our guarantee can be canceled if the client other mechanic shop or someone outside Alonso Diesel, interferes physically with our previous repair. We reserve the right to revise all our work has not been altered, modifiedcorrected or altered in any way according to our criteria for repair

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